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Murray Beith Murray LLP is a leading Scottish private client law firm.

For 175 years we have specialised in meeting the legal, financial and administrative needs of individuals and families, family trusts, charities and private companies.

Call us today on 0131 225 1200
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2021 UK Budget update

Murray Beith Murray Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has made the following announcements today:

Income Tax

      • The Personal Allowance will be increased to £12,570 as planned next year but will remain at that level until 2026
      • Income tax rates will remain the same until 2026.  
      • For higher-rate taxpayers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the threshold will be £50,270 from next year as planned but will be frozen until 2026
      • As income tax is a devolved tax, the Scottish rates of income tax differ and were set in the Scottish Budget on 28 January 2021.  Please click here for more details.
      • The higher rate tax band of £50,270 for saving and dividend income will apply UK wide. 
      • Starting Rate for Savings Tax - the band of savings income that is subject to the 0% starting rate tax will remain at its current level of £5,000 for 2021/2022

National Insurance

      • There will be no increase to the rates of National Insurance

Capital Gains Tax

      • The current capital gains tax exemption for individuals and Personal representatives of Estates of £12,300 will remain frozen at this level until 2026
      • Trustees are entitled to a Capital Gains Tax annual exempt amount of £6,150.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)

      • The adult ISA annual subscription limit for 2021/2022 will remain unchanged at £20,000
      • Junior ISA and child Trust fund annual subscription limit
      • The annual subscription limit for junior ISA and child Trust funds for 2021/2022 will remain unchanged at £9,000

Corporation tax

      • Currently, 19% and will rise to 25% in 2023 for companies with profits over £250,000
      • A small profit rate of 19% for companies with turnover below £50,000 will be introduced
      • A tapering of this 19% rate for companies with profits over £50,000 up to £250,000


      • The VAT registration threshold will remain at £85,000 until 2024.

Property Taxes

      • Stamp Duty cut will continue until the end of June, with the nil rate band set at £500,000
      • From the end of June up until the end of September the nil rate bad will be set at £250,000
      • From 1 October 2021, the Stamp Duty rates will revert to the original nil rate band of £125,000
      • This is a devolved tax therefore, please click here to view our Scottish Budget update for the property taxes that relate to Scotland

Inheritance tax

      • The Inheritance Tax nil rate band threshold will remain at the current level of £325,000 until 2026
      • The residence nil-rate band will continue at £175,000
      • The residence nil-rate band taper will continue to start at £2 million
      • Qualifying estates can continue to pass on up to £500,000 and the qualifying estate of a surviving spouse or civil partner can continue to pass on up to £1 million without an Inheritance Tax liability.

Pension Contributions

      • The lifetime allowance will remain at its current level of £1,073,100 until April 2026.

Murray Beith Murray, Edinburgh

Murray Beith Murray is a private client practice, made up of specialist lawyers from a variety of legal disciplines, and we are able to advise you in the protection and preservation of your assets. If you would like to speak to one of our expert lawyers or one of our tax specialists please complete our enquiry form or call us on 0131 225 1200.

Murray Beith Murray was established in 1849, as advisors for generations of clients, committed to our values of integrity, expertise and trust. This aim and these values continue to this day as does our commitment to be here when you need us.

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Self Assessment deadline extended to 28 February: ...

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