A 65-year-old man has appeared in court in Edinburgh after admitting that he forged a relative’s signature on a fake will, reports the Evening News.

Desiderio Coppola died in 2011 and left an estate worth around £7 million. In July 2010 he had written a will that left the majority of his estate to the charity, Medicins San Frontieres, as well as bequests to several friends and family members. His will also appointed his lawyer, together with a friend, to be executors of his estate.
Shortly before his death a new will appeared that seemed to be signed by Mr Coppola. Under the terms of this will a substantial inheritance, including two valuable properties in Edinburgh, was left to his second cousin, Paul Coppola.
Concerns were later raised about the validity of this will, and Paul Coppola admitted to forging his cousin’s signature. However, he still claimed that the fake will did reflect his deceased relative’s intentions regarding his estate.
The Sheriff hearing the case has deferred sentencing to allow for proper consideration of the facts, noting that the substantial sums of money involved in the fraud have to be taken into account. 

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