MBM Office 260 x 216The Scottish Land Commission (the “Commission”) published a report on 20 March 2019 on the impact of the concentration of land ownership in Scotland with recommendations to the Scottish Ministers.

The report follows a discussion paper on land ownership issues in Scotland, a Commission research report looking at international approaches to limiting scale and concentration of land ownership and a call for evidence of people’s experiences of issues associated with concentration of land ownership.

The Commission sought responses from people who live and/or work in areas where the majority of land is owned by either a single individual or organisation or a very small number or individuals or organisations; and the individuals and organisations have the power to make decisions about how this land is used, that affect the whole community.

407 anecdotal responses were received in response to the call for evidence and the Commission has summarised their findings as follows:-

The report sets out the Commission’s initial recommendations as follows:-

The Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement was introduced by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 and in terms of the 2016 Act is due to be reviewed by 27 September 2022.

The Commission has stated that it will now engage widely with stakeholders and the public on the findings of the evidence, the immediate recommendations and their wider implications for landowners and managers, communities and others, through a campaign of awareness raising, events and public meetings culminating in a land reform conference in October 2019.

The Commission’s report and recommendations can be viewed here.

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