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Our Letter of Engagement will set out the basis on which we shall charge you fees for a particular piece of work, our aim being to be as clear and transparent as possible.

At the outset of any piece of work or transaction we will either quote you a fixed fee for the work, or provide you with our relevant hourly rate(s) for the work. If we are not quoting a fixed fee, we will wherever possible provide an initial estimate of how long we think the work might take. In some circumstances (an example being with more complex work) it is difficult to estimate exactly how long the work will take, and in such circumstances we will provide you with a lower and upper limit of time. Once we know more and can estimate with more accuracy how complex the work is, we will talk to you about the cost implications. Our overall approach is to tailor the method of calculating the fees to your particular circumstances, and to make sure you understand and agree.

If there is any material change to what was agreed at the outset, we will alert you to this and talk through the cost implications with you. We will also agree when the work will be billed to you, and the extent to which this will be in regular instalments, or alternatively when key parts of the work are completed. Depending on the nature of the work, we may ask you to make payment to us in advance of anticipated external costs – this applies, for example, to conveyancing and litigation work. There are also circumstances in which a proportion of our fees may be payable “up front”: again, this will be talked through and agreed with you in advance.

Our hourly fee rates are available by emailing

We want you to feel that our fees represent value for money. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding our fees.

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There is nothing as certain as death and taxes. In the same context, 2017 has prompted a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies on inheritances and inequality across and within generations.